Let's Talk Mindset: Victim vs Creator

creating from within growth mindset victim mindset Jul 31, 2020

The fundamental difference between the people who get results & those who don’t is very simple.

Wonder what it is? Keep reading.

What if I told you one simple mindset shift could change entirely how you show up in your business and go get what you desire?

Let’s talk about VICTIM mindset.

The silent killer of dreams.

The monster under the bed that’s keeping you stuck. The guy that says you can’t do things because of your past experiences and circumstances.

The one that makes you look for blame instead of a solution. Yeah, that one!

We all fall a victim (excuse the pun;) to it from time to time. We believe we are limited by our environment, wallet, our parents, spouse, friends and children.

We focus on our problems, bad luck and what we DON’T want.

It makes us feel powerless, hopeless, out of control and useless.

As a result, we don’t take action, why would we? We have no control over what happens to us. Or so we think.

So we do things that prove us that we are right, and indeed a victim to collect more evidence that it’s not us that have a say in our future.

There were times in my life where I was close to falling into that trap myself. My life was not short of moments trying to trip me up in the belief that indeed, I was a CREATOR of my future.

I mean there were plenty of times I have been wrong done by. I’ve been abused, raped, suffered chronic illnesses and witnessed plenty of violence as a child. I grew up with not much money around me in a country where you’re really happy to make $600 per month.

And there were times where I thought these things had the power to stop me. And I indulged them from time to time, because I’m only human too.

That’s where most people get stuck.

Let’s quickly look at WHY a lot of people get stuck in the VICTIM cycle:

1. Attention & Validation

2. No need for action and stepping outside our comfort zone.

3. No responsibility

Now you maybe thinking: ‘Well, it’s not my fault, why should I take responsibility for what happened to me’

It’s not necessarily about taking responsibility for things in the past that happened that were out of our control.

It’s about taking a responsibility for your future results because of the actions you take in spite of what happened.

But that’s the thing.

We get a choice.

Choice to stay victim to others and our circumstances, let them stop us from going for it and achieving anything or CREATING the future we want and changing lives of others moving forward.

We feel sorry for ourselves, when we could feel PROUD.

The shift from VICTIM to CREATOR mindset is not easy. But it is simple.

So let’s look at what the latter looks like in practice.

When you step into creator mindset you still

• Acknowledge what happened to you but don’t let the blame take over and shift focus onto what you have control over NOW. In the present.

• Know that YOU and YOU ONLY have the power to make changes needed to move forward

• You focus on your SUCCESS instead of failure and keep going

• You make sure your needs are met and how

• You are aware that you may not be able to control your circumstances but you can control how you respond to them

• You create the opportunities instead of feeling bitter that none have been granted to you

• You stop wasting time blaming and complaining, you focus instead on the deliberate actions towards achieving your goal

• You choose your thoughts carefully and become mindful. You ask yourself ‘Is this thought empowering me and getting me closer to my goal or is it keeping me stuck?’

• You become resourceful and not limited. The world opens up

It’s time to SLAY the V monster once and for all so you can feel in CHARGE of your life and results you want.

You are the creator. You are powerful. You got this and it’s up to YOU.

Don’t let the past influence your future. You have suffered enough. It’s time to thrive.

What will you choose today?


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