The SECRET that separates Six Figure Coaching Practice from Soul Draining/Time Sucking Coaching Hobby

business growth commitment growth mindset Jul 29, 2020
Hey Rebels,
Your fave hyper honest, no BS coach here with a little news flash.
Reading this may make you feel called the F out. Just know, I’m call you out with love ❤️
Bear with me, because what I am about to share is going to help you change the way you look and run your business moving forward.
Ready? Let’s go!
Building a profitable coaching business is a process that if done right can bring you all the fulfilment, joy, freedom and abundance you never thought was possible before.
You get to wake up every day knowing you’re making the world a better place, transforming the quality of life and experience for yourself and clients you LOVE to work with.
You get to travel the world (if you wish to) having amazing conversations and creating impact and income with ease.
You get to be YOU in your truest form and give others permission to do the same.
You create a ripple effect with your message that is so freaking needed in the world.
Especially right now.
I’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but coaching is the second fastest growing industry in the world. That means there has never been a better time than now to get out there and SERVE.
This is all within your reach.
Instead of creating what you desire though, you’re waiting.
Waiting to feel more confident, more knowledgable, for the time to be right, for money, for permission, for the fear to go away, for a secret.
A secret you’re convinced people are withholding from you.
So you go and search for the secret.
‘How come some people make £10k, £20k, £50k months and so on, and I am still here not making a penny, not creating the impact, not helping people? ‘
Well the secret is here.
The one thing that will shift you from wanting to make this happen and actually making it happen is...
Drumroll 🥁
The thing you are looking for is... COMMITMENT.
The word that seems too simple to be true. It isn’t. That is it.
Everything you want is yours if you’re committed to get it.
It’s commitment to see through the process.
Show up.
Stay consistent.
Commitment to do the work required and not wait for a secret to success to appear before your eyes and make it all happen for you.
Commitment to your own Personal Development journey.
To keep going when things get tough.
Commitment to your values, your vision and your goals.
Commitment to take action when action feels a little out of your comfort zone.
Commitment to get out there and speak to people.
To share your message. It needs to be heard.
Once you commit to your dream, wonderful things happen. Miraculous opportunities appear. You meet people ready to help you achieve it.
When you make the shift from I WANT to I AM GETTING IT nothing, and I repeat NOTHING will stop you.
What you want, is already yours. Are you ready to commit to get it?
What would happen if you committed to doing the things you KNOW will make the difference?
What will you do differently if you knew SUCCESS was inevitable if you show the f up for yourself?
So, I wanna know. What are you committed to achieve for the rest of 2020? We have 5 months left.
If you commit now, what will you achieve? Claim it!
PS. I am offering 1:1 program for coaches ready to commit to their vision and go and claim it. We will create you a personal roadmap to 6 figures, create a HELL YES offer your clients will love and build a community of absolute dream to work with coachees for you. This program is 12 weeks long and I have 2 spots available. If you’re ready to take WANT out of the equation and step into your Leader Boots, book a call ❤️

I'm on a mission to help 10 coaches & service providers scale their business to 6-figures in 2021. If this sounds like you and you're ready to increase your impact and attract premium clients now, book a call below.

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