How To Deal With Brain Fog, Fatigue & Avoid Burnout As A Coach with Shayn Stavens

avoid burnout brain fog diet energy entrepreneur lifestyle fatigue health coach Nov 17, 2020

We're in the coaching business because we love giving.

We want to make an impact.

We want to help people.

More often than not, we forget to look after ourselves.

If we constantly give, give, give and rarely get, we run a risk of suffering from burnout.


In this video, Shayn Stavens and I, are discussing how you can avoid burnout and serve you some quick tips to shift brain fog and fatigue.

Shayn Stavens is an Integrative Health Coach whose inspiring story of how he cured himself of pretty serious illness has absolutely blown my mind. Today, he helps entrepreneurs and leaders integrate health into their busy routines.

You can find him here:

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